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Payment Method
1、Company's Foreign Exchange Account:
Account opening unit:CHINA HUNAN WEST ZJJ.CITS.LTD
US dollar account:602857366199
Singapore dollar account:597657366203
Swift code:BKCHCNBJ970
2、Company's RMB Account :
Account opening unit:湖南西部(张家界)中国国际旅行社有限公司
Account opening bank:中国银行张家界分行营业部
RMB account:600257358005
3、Company Authorized Manager Account
Account opening unit:盛健
Account opening bank:中国银行张家界市武陵源支行
RMB account:6217 8575 0001 7664 282
4、The Third Party-Payment Method:
Company account name:湖南西部(张家界)中国国际旅行社有限公司

Dear visitor:

      Nice to contact you! In order to facilitate the payment of the deposit or tour expenses for you. Our company opens the official PayPal and supports the payment online of PayPal. The finance department of our company will examine and verify for this. So, it is safe and efficient and you need not to worry about it.

5、Remittance Attentions:

1. Please must fill in carefully “the account and name of payee” and fill in your contact number in the “remittance details”.

2. You had better to remit more a few cents than the number you should remit. The more special you remit, the better to distinguish the remittance between you and others. Because there are many remittance every day. If your remittance is the same as others, it will affect your handling time. So we hope you can understand it

  • 3. After you remit, please call our customer service center telephone +86 17752657957 and contact us to tell us about your name, address, money of remittance, telephone number and other handling matters and so on. Or, you can send your remittance document to us by fax—our fax number is +86 744 8882218. If you transfer online, please screenshot and send it to us in order to we can help you to verify
What can I do for you?
If you choose us, please tell us what you want. And according to your requirements, we will make the special routes for you!
Your local traditional travel agency...   If you choose us...
In the itinerary, generally including 3 to 4 shops where you must go.

Maybe forced to add packages and invisible consumption.

Dozens of people from different places form a large group.

After you arrive in the travel destination, they will transfer you to the other travel agency to arrange for you.

In the itinerary, it is very hasty due to the time is limited, so some attractions may be reduced.
Relaxed travelling, there is no any shops and factories.

A clear price, direct resources is to ensure quality.

Family trip, friends party and company tour—all of these, we can arrange a small group for you.

Managed by China International Travel Service (CITS) and one-to-one customer serve for you with considerate care.

Free customization, we can provide personalized travel itinerary for you.
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