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         Hot Scenery:Unlimited Zhangjiajie Tianzishan Yuanjiajie Tianmenshan Yellow Dragon Cave Baofeng Lake Glass Bridge in Grand Canyon Mengdong River Rafting Fenghuang Ancient City Changsha Shaoshan Yueyang Hengshan

Please choose the attractions what you want to visit

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
    about 2days
Tianmen Mountain
    about 1day
Yellow Dragon Cave
    about 2hours
Former Residence of Chairman Mao in Shaoshan
    about 1day
Tujia Style Garden
    about 1hour
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
    about 1day
Mengdong River Rafting
    about 1day
Hunan Langshan
    about 1day
Red Rock Forest
   about 2hours
Furong Town
    about 1hour
Changsha(Orange Continent)
    about 2hours
Yueyang Tower, Dongting Lake
   about 1day
Phoenix Town
   about 2hours
Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
    about 1day
Charming Xiangxi Performance
    about 2hours
Tianmen Fox Fairy Show
    about 2hours
Baofeng Lake
   about 2hours
Tianmen Mountain Glass Plank
    about 1day
Nanyue Hengshan
    about 1hour
Peach Garden in Changde
    about 4hours
Private Custom Line:
Visitors choose the attractions: Please choose the attractions above, or fill in the destinations on one's own. For example, Forest Park, Yellow Dragon Cave.
Recommendation: Commission the travel company to recommend some lines for me.
Fill in your private custom line requisition:
Estimate the date of departure: *
Planned trip days: unlimited 2-3days 4-5days more 6days
Number of tourist : Adult People、Children People *
City of departure: *
Use what transportation: Aircraft High-speed rail Train Car
Pick-up station of tour guide: Zhangjiajie Changsha、Custom
Send station of tour guide: Zhangjiajie Changsha、Custom
Travel car: Business travel car Middle travel car Big travel car
Tour guide requirments: Male or female are ok Male tour guide Female tour guide
Standard of hotel: 5star 4star 3star
Shopping requirements in the trip: Yes No
Travel insurance: Travel accident insurance 30RMB/P
Expenses budget(per):
*(For example:3000RMB/P)
Payment method: Cash Card Remittance
My special requirements:
Your contact information:
Contacts: Male Female *
Mobile phone: *
Telephone: (Please add to the international area code)
When you are convenient to contact you: Anytime you can contact me
Working time(9:00-17:30)
Non working time(17:30-21:00)
Verification code: 更换一下
Submit the custom instructions:
1、We are:Hunan Western (Zhangjiajie) China International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
2、Between 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.: The custom line you submit, we will reply you within one hour.
       The custom line you submit in other time, we will reply you before 10:00 a.m. next day.
3、Please fill in the material as complete as possible, especially the contact phone and mailbox so that the reply can be sended to you correctly.
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