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Scenic Hotel
  • Address:Baofeng Road, Wuling
    780 RMB/P
  • Address:Weiyang Middle Road,
    240 RMB/P
  • Address:Wuling Road, Wulingy
    220 RMB/P
  • Address:NO. 192 Wuling Road,
    260 RMB/P
  • Address:Wuling Avenue, Wulin
    200 RMB/P
  • Address:Wuling Road, Wulingy
    420 RMB/P
  • Address:Wuling Road, Wulingy
    420 RMB/P
  • Address:No.1 Jundi Road, Wul
    760 RMB/P
  • Address:Jundi Road, Wulingyu
    240 RMB/P
  • Address:Wuling Road, Wulingy
    580 RMB/P
  • Address:Huajuan Road, Wuling
    820 RMB/P
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    If you choose us, please tell us what you want. And according to your requirements, we will make the special routes for you!
    Your local traditional travel agency...   If you choose us...
    In the itinerary, generally including 3 to 4 shops where you must go.

    Maybe forced to add packages and invisible consumption.

    Dozens of people from different places form a large group.

    After you arrive in the travel destination, they will transfer you to the other travel agency to arrange for you.

    In the itinerary, it is very hasty due to the time is limited, so some attractions may be reduced.
    Relaxed travelling, there is no any shops and factories.

    A clear price, direct resources is to ensure quality.

    Family trip, friends party and company tour—all of these, we can arrange a small group for you.

    Managed by China International Travel Service (CITS) and one-to-one customer serve for you with considerate care.

    Free customization, we can provide personalized travel itinerary for you.
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